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With offices in California and Colorado, Skilling O’Leary handles a wide array of employment and insurance bad faith matters.  The attorneys of the firm bring years of experience in resolving such cases, whether through trial, …

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Our clients face a range of employment law issues, from harassment and discrimination, to wage and hour violations. Our clients include both workers and small-business employers who look to Skilling O’Leary for assistance with litigating …

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FLSA Overtime Salary Increase

FLSA Overtime Minimum Salary Increase Beginning December 1, 2016, millions of workers will be eligible to receive overtime wages.  The U.S. Department of Labor has updated certain definitions for exempt employees under the FLSA (Federal Labor …

Independent Contractor Misclassification

Independent Contractor Misclassification Over the past few years, the transportation and logistics industries have faced numerous lawsuits, both individual and class actions, relating to Independent Contractor Misclassification. Logistics employers for years attempted to classify their …
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Delivering Justice to Victims of Workplace Discrimination and Insurance Bad Faith

P1060892 Our attorneys successfully represent victims of workplace discrimination or unfair insurance practices. In both situations, victims are usually under incredible financial and emotional strain. We have the specific legal knowledge to build a strong case against an insurance company and win you the compensation you deserve. We also have experience in fighting for victims’ rights in virtually every type of workplace discrimination, including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, wage or benefit violations, denial of medical leave, or discrimination due to age, race, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or disability.

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