We had a case that required negotiating a dispute before heading into litigation. The way Tim communicated with the other side was amazing! We got great results due to his great negotiating strategy! During the time of the case, Tim was always very knowledgeable, professional, a good listener, detail-oriented, and informative. I would definitely recommend him for family and friends!
– Raid and Helen

Dave was co council on a multi-year insurance lawsuit for me and my business. He was extremely professional and I owe him and his partner an immense amount of gratitude. He stuck with my case through thick and thin and approached each scenario with an open mind and really cared about me and my needs. He used some extremely clever tactics and thorough law knowledge to circumvent numerous attempts by my insurance company to play games and derail my case. Persistence, patience, immense knowledge and being a great person overall, makes Dave Skilling a fantastic attorney as well a stellar human being.
– Andrew

I cannot say enough good things about Timothy! He was able to to make an extremely painful experience less painful. He is professional and very upfront and honest. He doesn’t just tell you that he is doing something – he really wants his clients to understand the why and the how. From our first meeting to our final email correspondence – I always felt like he truly had my best interest at heart. I was extremely happy with the outcome with my case and would recommend Timothy a thousand times over!
– Caroline D.

If you are reading this, you are probably in need of a fantastic lawyer. I was in your shoes in 2009. I was a small business owner who was cheated, swindled, and put out of business by a corporate giant. When I first came to Mr. Skilling my records were in disarray, people I thought I could trust had turned their backs on me, and I had not much more than a story to tell. In short, I knew the case would be very difficult to prove. Mr. Skilling spent the next six years dragging the truth out of this corporate giant. I can only describe Mr. Skilling’s skills as amazing. He’s like a Matlock or Perry Mason. The corporate giant spared no expense and brought on multiple lawyers best money could buy. We finally got our days in court and during our trial I watched David Skilling tell my story and beat those lawyers at every turn. We won the case and Mr. Skilling changed my life. If you look for a lawyer elsewhere, you are looking in the wrong direction.
– Rob W.

Timothy’s employment law knowledge is comprehensive and he was able to help me get a very fair settlement with my previous employer. He seemed more knowledgeable than their expensive law firm, and helped me to maneuver their tactics at every turn.

He has an excellent attention to detail, he is strategic, personable, always made time to meet even with short notice, he was prompt with his email responses, calm even when I wasn’t, and was beyond fair with pricing.

I can’t say enough great things about working with Timothy and highly recommend his services.
– Jeremy

Somehow lawyers have a bad reputation. But through my experience of working with Tim, I firmly believe there are good ones out there! Tim is a great lawyer with excellent listening and negotiation skills, putting client’s interest first. He is very even handed, very objective, yet with the goal of accomplishing what the client has reasonably requested. I very much appreciate his help and his excellent service. Thank you Tim!

– Wei

Dave is friendly, professional, and dedicated to his work. He helped me and I’m sure he would do his best to help anyone else too. Not only a good lawyer, but also a very good person. He was sympathetic and understanding during my case. He also made sure I was comfortable with what was going on. If you need help, he will help you.
– J.

I’ve come to rely upon and appreciate the excellent service and advice Dave and Tim have always provided.
– Jeff L.

Mr. Skilling is an exceptional lawyer. He is very detailed and blew the greedy lowlife’s trying to sue me with a frivolous case out of the water. Thank you Dave Skilling!
– P.H.

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