Severance Agreements

Severance and separation agreements almost always require that the employee waive and/or release any rights, claims, or actions against its former employer. Often, the employee may not be aware of what rights and claims they are giving up when presented with the agreement. Moreover, the severance or separation agreement may contain additional restrictions on the employee. Before signing any separation or severance agreement, an employee should seek out the counsel of an experienced employment attorney to review its terms.

Severance and Separation Agreement Negotiation

Skilling O’Leary regularly represents employees and small business owners in negotiating severance and separation agreements. Our experienced employment attorneys have obtained significant exit packages and settlements for employees, and have also assisted small business owners in providing finality to the employment relationship.

We will review the terms of your employment, discuss the circumstances that led to the separation, and investigate any potential claims that the employee may have against their employer. This process offers the employee a greater understanding of why the severance or separation agreement is being provided, and provides a better opportunity to negotiate an improved severance payout and other important terms.

For a small business owner, a termination creates potential risk and concerns of what may come. A separation agreement provides a small business owner with certainty and finality to the employment relationship. In addition to representing employees, Skilling O’Leary also has significant experience with advising employers. This representation includes counseling employers on best practices when terminating or laying off employees, drafting severance agreements, and transitioning employees who are leaving the company for any reason.

Let us help you in negotiating your severance agreement or separation agreement. Contact our offices today for your no obligation case evaluation.


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